Body and the Bride

We think of loving Jesus as some form of admiration. Our love for Jesus as evangelicals is real, but distant. But Jesus is not some distant hero. He is our husband. We are his bride.

We love the image of the Church as a body because it seems so easily divisible. It makes sense to people drowning in individualism. He is a foot, I am a mouth, you are a hand. That suits us because it allows us to remain in our own wheelhouse. We maintain our separate identities and grudgingly accept that God has saved some people who aren’t much like us so that they can do what we cannot.The image of the bride is not divisible. I can’t say, “you’re the veil, I’m the train.” All we can say is that we are adored, and are to adore our husband, Jesus Christ, Son of God. It can be an uncomfortable thing for a man to think of himself as a bride, but every Christian must embrace this.

We are to receive the love of Christ as a bride delights to receive the love of her husband. We are to seek intimacy with God that reflects the intimacy a husband and wife feel for one another. Indeed, our marital intimacy is a shadow of what intimacy with Christ should be and will ultimately become. 

We become one flesh with our spouse. We are truly, really united with Christ.

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